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Fabrio Novembre for Venini
Happy Pill Vases, 2012-2013


Fabrio Novembre for Venini

Happy Pill Vases



Please see description for individual markings, dates and editions.

13.5in h x 4.5in d

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    Fabrio Novembre for Venini

    From left to right:
    ADRENALINA Red/Green: Venini 2012 / 45 F. Novembre
    ESTROGENO Purple/Clear: Venini 2013 / 2 F. Novembre
    OSSITOCINA White/Yellow: Venini 2012 / 37 F. Novembre
    TESTOSTERONE Blue/Clear: Venini 2012 / 48 F. Novembre
    FENILETILAMINA Black/Orange: Venini 2012 / 37 F. Novembre

    One of the leading glassworks of Murano, Italy, Venini was first launched in 1921 by Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappellin, who purchased a recently defunct glass factory and immediately employed their highly skilled glassblowers and craftsmen. By the following year, Venini opened stores in Venice and Paris, and another store in Milan in 1923. By 1925 they were exhibiting at the Paris Exposition and the Biennale in Rome, garnering much success for their large, unique glass pieces.

    Over the years, Venini glassworks has become synonymous with innovative techniques, such as beaten, woven, granular and murrine glass. In keeping with its modern aesthetic, Venini has collaborated with outside artists and renowned designers, such as in the case of the present Happy Pill vases designed by Fabio Novembre, a prominent Italian architect and designer best known for his engaging, whimsical and often, interactive interior spaces and objects. According to Venini glassworks, Novembre’s Happy Pill vases are “placebos to replace drug treatment with new shapes and colors…” and are to be “admired in small doses daily.” Each vase uses the incalmo technique- a technically advanced process where the craftsman fuses two hand-blown glass pieces together to create a flawless, unified piece.