Art Peritus provides expertise, guidance, and support for clients who wish to begin, build or refine their collection. We present our clients with unbiased opinions regarding quality, authenticity, and value of objects presented for purchase. Our services are outlined below.


Art Peritus advises and manages all aspects of the consignment or contract process, whether acquiring or selling. We meet whatever level of discretion our clients require and work in the best interest of our clients.


We know the markets and the competitive landscape. We provide in-depth analyses of collections or artists so clients have the intelligence to make decisions about editing or adding to their collections.


Our customized database allows clients to have access to their collection digitally and communicate if pieces need to be moved between homes. We can also appraise new works that are added to the database.


Our firm is poised to offer full-service management of your collection. We can execute and oversee large-scale projects on your behalf and advise on best storage options, art handlers, curators and specialist appraisers.


As an industry leader our relationships span institutions, galleries and auction houses across the globe. We have the unique ability to place and find works at the best time, in the best locations on our client’s behalf.


We build strategies that meet our clients’ needs. By encouraging an iterative dialogue throughout the process, we strive to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.


We offer comparable research when clients are planning to add or edit their collection. This means researching recent international market results, so our clients can make data driven decisions about their collection.


We advise on the quality, rarity and desirability of a piece, whether acquiring or selling. With our network of specialist appraisers, we vet every work we encounter with an academic foundation and market knowledge.


We advise clients on successful donation strategies in order to help achieve gifting goals. This is often part of the estate planning process and in every instance, Art Peritus provides USPAP and IRS compliant appraisals.