All appraisals conform to the professional guidelines of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), The Code of Ethics of the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. and The Internal Revenue Service.


We provide appraisals that protect the value of your works and are recognized by major insurance companies. Insurance companies encourage clients to update their appraisals every three years to ensure your most valued works are accurately insured.


In the event of a damage or loss to your collection, Art Peritus is the preferred vendor for a number of national and international insurance providers. We are experts in assessing, appraising, and offering advice for any damage or loss within your collection.


Our fully illustrated and thoroughly researched appraisals are USPAP and IRS compliant, as are our network of specialist appraisers. In instances of estate planning, or estate appraisals, clients come to Art Peritus for their appraisal needs.


Charitable Donation + Gift Tax

We assist our clients with requirements to provide appraisals for tax purposes in the event of a charitable donation or gift tax. All of our appraisals meet strict IRS guidelines.

Marital + Equitable Distribution

Our appraisals can serve as a helpful and evaluative guide in making decisions about how to address the scope and value of your collection for an equitable division of property.

Expert Testimony

Our firm is poised to offer expert reports and expert testimony in situations that must be litigated in the court of law. Our market knowledge and expertise are nationally recognized.

Appraisal Review

We offer our clients reviews of previous appraisals in order to assess validity, accuracy, and adherence to standard USPAP and IRS guidelines for legal, insurance, and tax purposes.

Liquidation, Bankruptcy + Collateral

In the current art market, where art is often used as collateral, we are uniquely poised to offer appraisals and advice that is an accurate and up-to-the-minute reflection of value.

Blockage Discount

In situations where there is a high volume of similar pieces, we advise on a careful dispersion of property and consider both collective and individual values in our appraisal.