Posted:  February 1, 2022
New York, NY – Remote


Based in New York and fully remote, the function of our Senior Appraiser, Fine Arts or Decorative Arts is responsible for new business generation, the solicitation, valuation, expertise, research, and review of all property the firm is contracted to value for appraisal or advisory. In addition to being abreast of current market trends, you are a skilled, seasoned, USPAP compliant certified appraiser who is gifted at demonstrating knowledge of, passion and commitment to your field.

In partnership with leadership you will support, develop, and pitch new business initiatives, client service, advisory and development channels that require your knowledge of client relationship management, the relevant industry markets, to be a full and active member of the company, as well as with relevant organizations within the arts community.

As an integral team member working closely with a wide variety of international appraisers, you will reliably and consistently communicate with all specialists as it pertains to expertise and questions that only another appraiser can answer. You will write, refine, and oversee the production of appraisal reports to ensure consistency, compliance, style, and the integrity of Art Peritus, USPAP and IRS standards and code of ethics; assist with managing the day-to-day duties of the department, current projects of various size and scope on deadline, the development of junior appraisers to further their advancement and overall client needs as they request.

ESSENTIAL APPRAISAL RESPONSIBILITIES (include but are not limited to):
  • Catalogue property for appraisal and valuation to the highest of standards
  • Research property for comparables, bibliography, provenance, and exhibition history using libraries, on-line databases, the internet, and outside experts (such as curators, dealers, publishers, etc.) as necessary for proper valuation and cataloguing
  • Participate in on-site inspections to determine initial appraisal validity, value, condition, and marketability of artwork with enough generalist knowledge to triage multi-category collections of substantial size
  • Initiate, produce, and manage appraisal process; correspond with necessary specialists and clients to finalize or communicate findings and conclusions; proof and edit final appraisals prior to final sign-off by MD and issuance to client
  • Contribute to ongoing accuracy and maintenance of Art Peritus client data, project archives, appraisal work-files, comparable and image library records
  • Review general queries related to valuation of works for appraisal or advisory purposes, including responses to phone and written requests to determine viability; work with in-house and external specialists on valuations, with close follow-up on valued property that is not yet contracted
  • Develop own specialist knowledge to continuously build credibility, build an understanding and awareness of the current market within and outside your area of expertise and of the key players within our industry
  • Develop and mentor the growth of the junior appraisers by including them on client visits, valuing sessions and involvement in detailed reviews of property.
  • Support Managing Director with long-term valuations, proposals, and projects
BUSINESS & CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES (include but are not limited to):
  • Work on appraisals as a means of generating, identifying, and maintaining relationships with major clients; building business opportunities with all client types (current or inactive), to enhance loyalty and generate opportunity across all channels ie appraisal, advisory, claim, collections and online
  • Act as a trusted advisor to priority clients with the utmost discretion, anticipating needs and understanding their interests; facilitate introductions to and engagement with relevant specialists, promoting cross channel and cross category opportunities
  • Work closely with all senior and junior colleagues across all departments to identify opportunities and ideas which are in alignment with our strategy for the continued growth and development of the business
  • Develop proposal strategies, and work on preparation, and production of proposals in support of business development initiatives
  • Collaborate with Project Managers, to coordinate appraisals, solicit quoting, track hours, support resolution of budget related issues, required conservation, shipping, etc as needed by client or as the project necessitates
  • Active participation in sourcing and selling of Art Peritus products/services to clients and within the art community, build alliances and networks of key industry influencers; view and visit venues (ie auctions, galleries) on behalf of Art Peritus and our clients to track results of purchases or consignments the firm has facilitated; attend events, exhibitions, and fairs relevant to the industry and your area of expertise
  • Identify and track marketing opportunities or client promises ensuring privacy and legal requirements are compliant; work collaboratively with team to produce marketing & social media materials used to source and target traditional and new client types
  • Explore any appropriate digital outlets to broaden the outreach around our services eg Instagram, blogs and other relevant channels
  • Deepen knowledge of Art Peritus services and relevant legalities related to USPAP and IRS compliance.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and wide variety of Specialists to expand knowledge and industry experience
  • Support the effort and expansion of Art Peritus brand awareness and services
  • Liaise with seasoned industry influencers and prominent clients to gain knowledge, and understanding related to your craft, the market, and our organizational growth.
  • Continuing education and professional development as approved by leadership
CANDIDATE QUALIFICATIONS (required and preferred):
  • Bachelor’s degree in Art History or Fine Arts required; Master’s from accredited university, Christie’s Education or Sotheby’s Institute or PhD candidates given preference
  • Appraisers Certification from recognized association and USPAP compliance required
  • 5+ years of relevant work experience in an auction house setting or similar essential
  • Broad knowledge and exposure with dealers and collectors
  • Ability to confidently provide support and guidance to junior team members
  • Exceptional experience in appraising property, research skills, market knowledge, and be able to value property across all periods, mediums, and origins to value property for insurance / FMV / RRV etc. with thorough organizational ability, and keen eye for detail
  • Ability and willingness to learn Art Peritus database systems
  • Strong knowledge of MS Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro required
  • Confidence to effectively present information and respond to queries with superior written and spoken communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and client service skills, sensitive to client confidentiality
  • Required to handle, inspect and/or photograph works of art in a variety of conditions, spaces, and environments; as well as create written or recorded descriptions
  • A cooperative team player who can receive and implement feedback, work under tight deadlines, and remain calm in challenging situations
  • Strong project management skills including ability to multi-task, prioritize workload, manage multiple processes, and follow-up with acute attention to detail
  • A thorough and focused self-starter with the proven ability to initiate business and new ideas, and the curiosity, passion, commitment to continually develop their expertise
  • Possess a strong business acumen and financial literacy with ability to compile and analyze data
  • Based in New York City, hold a valid driver’s license, with willingness and flexibility to travel
  • Flexibility to work outside traditional business hours when necessary
  • Secondary language a plus

Department: Appraisals
Reports to: Managing Director
Terms of Employment: Full-Time, Permanent, $70-90,000, Full Medical, 401k match, PTO, Life & Disability


IMPORTANT – Work samples are required; we want to make sure you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk! All will be reviewed as part of your pre-interview process.

Submit the following in addition to your cover letter and resume (PDF format)

  • 3 professional references including name, title, business, current phone, email, and your connection
  • 3 sample appraisals you have completed that are USPAP compliant with necessary names and personal details redacted to respect privacy. *NOTE: A minimum of 1 appraisal should include:
    • an item appraised for < $10,000
    • an item appraised for > $50,000
    • 3 comps with necessary analysis
    • a general market analysis in your area of expertise